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LSI Online Features Zero-Ohm Systems

Check out the latest article on Zero-Ohm Systems, on LSI Online Magazine (Lighting and Sound International) and visit us at InfoComm in Las Vegas, booth C835 from June 5-8, to see and hear just how we are Transforming the Laws of Sound.

Check out the latest article on Zero-Ohm Systems, on LSI Online Magazine (Lighting and Sound International)

November 2017: Press Release

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, November 8, 2017: Zero-Ohm is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the next generation of our award-winning, patented MS-4R (two-input, two-output rack mounted system). Our technology already provides the key benefit of full range sound on major installs that far exceed the limitations of traditional 70V and 100-volt solutions. Building on the revolutionary design, that eliminates the need for transformers, we continue to push the frontiers of big sound with our plug-n-play system.

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Congratulations Zero-Ohm Multispeaker Inc
Winners of the InfoComm 2017 award for Best New Product Tech at the Innovations Show

We have changed the conversation.

With ZOHMS technology we no longer need to talk about impedance and ohms in our set up. The calculations are now very simple. If your amp has a max capacity of 3000 watts you can connect thirty 100 watt speakers.

It's that simple.

Take the max wattage of the amp and divide by the watts per amp.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition for the BEST NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION OF 2017!

InfoComm 2017: Zero-Ohm Showcases Multispeaker System

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Congratulations Zero-Ohm Multispeaker:

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And in case you missed it: InfoComm Recognizes Zero-Ohm With 2017 Innovations Showcase People’s Choice Award

Here are the results as voted by People’s Choice and Industry Judges:
People’s Choice Grand Prize: Zero-Ohm

InfoComm 2017 wrap-up video.

With more than 44,000 visitors, InfoComm 2017 is the largest Audio/Visual trade show in North America.

Come visit us at booth #1681-J and don’t forget to vote for our invention as the NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION OF 2017!

Innovations Showcase at InfoComm 2017

We are proud to announce that the
Zero-Ohm Multispeaker System
has been selected to compete in the Innovations Showcase at InfoComm 2017.

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